everyone around you is greiving

Category: 2019: open poems

shuffle me, pilgrim

paint me a slave

ducks out on the water

this time a night

all the clapboards and shutters

haven’t stopped shushing  the wind

we were warriors once

bound and forgot

hidden like spice on

an abandoned raft

do you remember october

in it’s full glitz glory?

all that shredded iron

and paper mache

up for grabs?

like lightning bugs

in the distance

like oil on canvas

and how it can sweat

a shadow and a silhouette

a space of earth

a tug of soup

a patch of clay

a map of the stars

and memory



I started a poem

it was just a small poem

we were just kids


I never told you

I still write


take me back

remind me. set my feet into yr dirt earth. we were sentient once. it came like a spasm. a coming of age. there were wooded bowls for soup. we had a limousine furnished from scrap tin and make believe. the cashmere in the closet, where the rats fed, so young, so fast, everything eye liner and shadow, i learnt from sage. from ocean and sand. from clouds to doom. all of it. in one belt. one sitting. one life line, as they say. ribbons in the wind, if you will. i remember back seat and tape player. john lennon’s julia. wind in my hair, i played it over and over. high as a kite, my eyes were red and my hair was green, and i was wearing a dress.