everyone around you is greiving

Month: January, 2001

in the end only solace matters

fine lines drawn

in red and white


our broken faces


if love is futility

then let me bleed


i want to punch

the life into you

make you breathe in

this life

you’ve left


i talk to her in the dark

on the phone
in the dark
in the garage
and i’m on the phone with her

i tell her about my life
she tells me about hers

the door is open
the only light from the house
from the kitchen

the phone begins to die

we agree again
and say goodbye


and suddenly

it becomes a palace

and even the music

sparkles in place

to the wind


so chalk it up

if you’re so good at dealing
with all this loss

let the teeth hang from the ceiling

those ivory edges cut you still

draw a line from
your turnstile boy

it’s still
a long walk home


she is like the painting

i could never paint

blue eyes
black hair

something composed

the way
she looks at me


no one ever told him

hold fast boy

your arc

and your arrow

will compliment

you still


long eyes on her casualties

how she

forgets me