blake ellington larson

Month: September, 2017

last chance peach

so, i found this peach, in a plastic bag, in the walk-in, at my work, couldn’t believe it, it was perfect, a perfect peach, mind you, this is the end of September, so, you know, stone fruit is on the fade, but, i put it in my apron and showed it off, the thing, you see, rather, the fetish, i have regarding peaches, is in how to eat them, properly, you see, you have to take off your shirt, preferably, you’ve got a good amount of hair going on, long hair, beards, chest hair, what have you, the idea is, you have to eat it upright, maybe in a trance, maybe you’re watching the sun go down and your make-believe harvest is finally starting to grow, maybe you vacuumed the house listening to Fleetwood Mac, maybe you finally figured out your mom’s damned risotto recipe, i don’t know, but, here you are, you and the peach, shit, you earned it, right? anyways, the fetish is about consuming the peach in its full glory, its juicy drip-ness all over your face, neck, chest, hands, whatever, it doesn’t matter, fuck napkins. get dirty. but, the thing is, i didn’t know it was a last chance peach, ’til i brought it out with my stuff after work, and my boss noticed and was like, what you got there? oh, you found the last lonely peach? and i was like yeah. um. i just saw it on its lonesome. and boss was like. this is a last chance peach. they call it that for a reason. all the while, i’m hating my job, thinking quitting thoughts, got interviews in the coming weeks, even head chef quit this week, days ago, i been there six months, thinking i need a raise, he takes the peach, and replaces it with a bruised white peach or two, thanks for me my hard work, you not gonna have a beer? he asks.


the secret to life

is not

fire is death

wait for it to pass

this concussion

reminds me of losing you

and who we were then

and how you left

and how it hurt

and how sudden

it still feels