everyone around you is greiving

Month: October, 2011

my silence

is a bed of scrolls

i let cherish

leagues ago

my heart went on a walk without me

stuck inĀ the ravines, i

grabbed thistle by the handful

so we could get through

like battleship

my boats are land locked

they sink anchor for no reason

so still the waters

i forget i’m at war

my friends are mirrors

and they are good mirrors

my sexy beard

lost in the fog

gets lost in the sun

your spoon reminds me i’m bleeding

all those rusted cherries

oozing out

i am invisible to water

my footsteps

get lost in the rain

when my heart disappeared

i thought it was just the wind

i was so excited for winter

i lit a match

i did it

i started a fire

it was a beautiful fire

i invited no one