everyone around you is greiving

Category: 2013: black heart poems

my heart is the octopus guides me home to you

my pank-blast furnace

loves the technicolor in you

it wades dark movies – light

clips the clips

i set yr leaves

atop plops that ground yr gristle into soft light

i don’t mind

it was just a song

the fire waits

(for ray)

my forever is a little black book

i snuck into the fireplace

when you weren’t looking

i was awash in the great jet lag of your death

when it kicked in

do not lose your tribe

focus on the moonlight

dead body in the shade of daylight

wood and shadow

empty black

and white’s

on the golf course

but I

saw him


your ship is not chaos

and the sea is not angry

its’ heavy

is not the language

of crisis

the somnambulist in me is an evil twin i will never know

not the gallant

nor the gallop

knows my true name

jump it

chase yr squadron

yr cauldron

drip yr shades

drop yr vowels

cover up friend

it’s getting warmer out

the sludge is electric

it cuts the chords

siphons the urge

kills the tempo

the door to my heart was left wide open

i meant to finish this poem, but

my third world hugs have nothing to do with candy

i am not alone

this is not an island

my your spirit be shiny and sith




my fury stares dim-witted dark tunnels, sometimes

to dare-stream is black circles i would were blank

forgive me, chorus

this is all new to me

i don’t eat horse

numbs my clatter

stuns the gums

my longdarknightofthesoul is not a short story

not anymore

she said

my tendrils are jasmines sleep me up at night

my skinny love is not the amulet sews you to me

i am plump now

your eyes remind me we’re in the middle of a hurricane