the writings of blake ellington larson

Category: 2017: desert poems

the beacon and the raft

and the oil and the smelt

the shimmer is slick

and the gold is fold


letting go

is the pure blanket of clarity

that fills my days


christmas potato head

my brother and I

touch the ceiling, touch the ceiling

break through it

i used to be a sunflower

i used to be the moon

i used to be an astronaut

staring down

at you

i elect death’s golden concord

I want to collect records

like you collect rain

there is a tiny ghost inside me that knows I will die someday

memory and mantra

back and forth

music is memory

back and forth

my friends

died in that fire

there’s a picture of you

inside me


there’s not enough string

love is acceptance

patience is flowers

plant everything

go broke

love is acceptance

patience is everything

plant flowers

slow down

wind and fire

yr hair in the neon sun

we were summertime gloves

kids against the world

reverse echo

the dogs on my block

set off car alarms

the mellow in me

is at war with everything