everyone around you is greiving

Category: 2014: postcard poems

i am a man of stone

i know

where i comeĀ from

dear self

you are younger now

our love




(i do not know the cold like you know the cold)

everyone who’s ever loved me

still loves me

like an avalanche

you still me

to the bone

my greatest diatribe consists

soft air like sith

soft air like silk

two colors describe

what it is

to go with out

thirteen years ago to the minute

i was sleeping in my bed with a girl

we both had red dresses on

it was a hot summer

and a long story

i miss you amy

fuck you world

dear dark cliff

stay off



i shed the haunt

i wrestle with want

i am

and i am not


when you got nothing to run to

you run from everything

sometimes it gets so quiet

i could throw a stone