everyone around you is greiving

Category: 2018: nothing poems

everybody singing but me


we were promised jetpacks

damn. the energy in this is intense. it makes me feel things that I don’t want to feel. like, maybe there’s still some dark fog I left in the back of that drawer I’ve been cleaning out for decades. I’m picturing a hallway. my hand forever reaching, deeper and deeper, it stretches, there’s stuff everywhere, not just pen caps and rubber bands or folded notes and scratched out poems, there’s pictures on the wall, there’s memories everywhere, I can see them in the distance, at first, just colors, then oozing colors, like picture frames barfing, dancing, singing, searching with my desperate digits, combing, spider man crawling slow and fuck man, this album is amazing, and fuck, man, where are you tyler? please come home.

I’m a southern bouy

land locked or knot

I took a boat to a cloud

that wound up in

the future

I am

an expert


imagine bath

creepy keys

candles and


hold your memories close

we are not the

closed doors



the future is bright

may it cast it’s hidden secrecy in waves across our invisible shadows like deja vu like humidity and song like a fishing line and a guitar in a canoe on a lake at night alone a sea of stars glistening in the absence of memory –

we are nothing without who loves us

we can turn the tide

we can erase the moon

say when

tree beard

the mammoth and the moth

your heart

is the tree

i felt

when i


met you

my grief yr grief

i get lost in the details

i set sail for ambivalence

i get lost in the details