everyone around you is greiving

Category: 2007: live-in dreams

my pretty sides

sleep on your jaded anthems

their christmas eyes sparkle starlight asking’s

send silent arms drifted

my idea:  my gift

my charge:  relentless

i ask forgiveness


i drank your touch without warrant for the aftertaste

your lips like waves

catapulted me under



beneath your confidence


your smile like early matisse

fills me with the anchor i’ve used to draw from still water

i am singing a low low frequency

i am trying to find the strings
that have guided me to you

i am crossing streets and taking my time

i am looking for you

stay still


i am huffing the fumes from your early morning heartache

swinging halos your direction like empty rainbows lost in forests

i’m waking up in someone else’s nightmare

and i’m doing sign language in french

just to prove

as shrewd as shakespeare

as sure as shit

something haunts this place


in the early hours

we transfer the satin with husk

we scrape the barb’d wire from the tundras

we merge the empty envelopes full of hay

race the fury



my lollipop photographs

as if by nature

show no fade

their new demise
in obvious shimmer
clean nothing but

open hearts
closed wounds

stronger than wind

my arrows shoot global homeward

i am revising everything for your clean plates

i am washing my hands
in your pastel soup


bleed me your magic passings

we’ll let your little fallacy mean more

by wood carved less

we’re loosely filling in where knots go

untangling heart throbs that deaden

there is no full moon where you take me

all childlike glamour aside
your iron vest is pearled

your honor like an avalanche
drifts from you to me

and not the other way around


and found my lost self among bricks in brick yards

and called out to shakespeare and sprayed mouthings


my broken parts rusted at home with junked cars
forklifts yellow’d

my poetry was turn’d on like how
storms spread rumors

my half-heart at lightning speed
cruised freeways
into the railways my daydreams
took poloroids of

i warmed my pockets and lined my sleeves
to protect
veins blue’d in the limelight

veins swallow’d in beams of
care bear magic

halogen from inside my stomach


you said once that our sunflower days

would wilt mountains into mist

solid lines like melted ice and river beds

straight lines changing
the sun and sea both

i smothered your infinite’s along
silver string and red carpet

i closed the book
reread the chapter

i mapped your canary wisdom
over coal miner sadness
and caught empty buses to empty parks

i dined on empty plates
and talked empty philosophy
with godless mermaids


i reincarnated the love pose

of that statue you showed me in paris when

crepes and sickness – french kittens and the day-glow
beat me beneath my eyelids

i stood as long as possible on the millenium bridge
let loose my posture

i was naked like feeding pigeons persuades

in my writing i longed like sunsets for the earthing’s to predict my sadness
heard the rest was nothing but lampshade-forgetfulness

and my care-bear-stare lost amidst terrorists
forged its own itinerary

i stood like a statue

wanting so much

saying so little


when you were called upon

to serve your imaginary army

i stood on pillars of salt
and sang backwards your
faithless anthems

i sewed a quilt in memory of you:

a stitch for each time
i forgot to rebuild the castle

a stitch for each time
we scrubbed
the asphalt from your
car’s tires

a stitch for each time
those knots

came undone


hold back your arrows swift boy

your folly is in the reach

your lightfoot is stronger with cloud strength

turn those dull blades towards sand

the zeus of newness

will shower you clean


my safety insurance is caught with kittens on shoulders

carried miles and miles from cave dwellings

my periphery is as new as birth
as sheltered as shade
we creep up to avenues sweeping down into straight down
blurs and blurs the fear heights bring
claws into sweaters

we’re running now
up boulders and on edged rocks
my shoes angelic
my knees rubber-band style

and dad and brother
and it’s vacation again
sitting hatchback-style pretzel legs
the sun shining magnified in back of car

missed the rendezvous
missed the exit
now trudglings and escapist we’re (the kitty and i)
tumbling towards an unknown mountain side and
running past parades and up and down spiral scopes
and fences over hedges under bridges on shacks hidden

we find the valley and get lost in mountains of emptied budweiser cans
stacked dozens upon dozens
as if art were enough to support beams and beams of
thousands and thousands of unwatered decayed earth

we find huddled tunnels and home-life
old friends that have made a life out of the middle-earth nothings
and the stairs and stairs of climbing upwards on shaky palms

and kitty is calm
but i am not

and then floating over mobile light fixtures that project
a visual blanket-type of knobby knees
assuming the worst
my eyebrows in search

the exit is not far not near
and as daylight approaches
as kitty and i revoke these vacation land blues
and as the strangers become stranger
and family further

kitten and i running fast faster
so daylight eyes would find no surprise

i lurch in earnest to find something solid
something unchanged

to find sure footing again