everyone around you is greiving

Month: December, 2019

(when you drown)

no matter where you are

I can always hear you

is this music?

a song that sings itself to sleep

rests on the easy marrow of the day

knows not

the empty void

the empty creation

a song kept

like a kiss

or a ribbon

like an amulet or

a talisman

a phrase heard

not, but almost

fully forgotten

and how it lingers

how it blows out

like a candle

how the wick

and the ember

still glow somewhere


more importantly

for some reason –

there is a suitcase I haven’t named

and everything keeps screaming at me

have fun with god


I escape

I fumble with my morality compass

I make earthquakes

I break the surface

like a neon string in the dark

my spider-waves

are always


for you

brianna lea pruett

you shine for me

full stream.

technicolour and shit

neon like a halogen

oh you tired castle you

you and your ink-blot memories and your whistle-drop hymns

your secret santa avalanches and your new moon linen

your closed floors / opened doors

dusted chairs  / creaky stares





how to kill a poem

baby skunk and I

caught in that awkward