everyone around you is greiving

Month: January, 2000

i think

fumbling the ways out of
my pockets in this hour
where i put my china set
made no difference
i don’t have one
and i always sort of
wanted a kitchen
it’s really more like
having someone in the kitchen
i can’t recall if the dinner
came out alright
you see
it must have tasted fine
it’s just
the immediacy of your touch
doesn’t exactly prove
my worst fears were ever valid
i think i remember
an acute confusion
how long i let
everything settle
because i’m sure
i left something
only it was so
quiet in my head
that night
that i almost went to sleep
without a cigarette
or you
for that matter


from before

i remember when
this was the time
we were ourselves
here in the land
out by the lake
in the boat
by your side
under the stars
around the bend
across the way
past the yard
out in the street
and down the dirt lane
riding a bike
sitting on a stump
looking out a window
driving past a buss
in the middle of night
watching t.v.
singing a song
smoking a cigarette
i always think i see her


all this sadness

hasn’t done much to suppress
my lightness of heart

the cold blown wind
doesn’t do much
against my socks
and my cigarette

this empty house
hasn’t changed

these sterile walls
still haven’t grieved

but i am sorry

for whatever it is
i must of done to you


we all come prepared

there is no you
that does not know me

we fall in line
like lovers or light bulbs
and on

this is where the saddle goes
and you go here

we come and go
into and out of
the future

swinging further

the chariot
of our lives


my body is the familiar smell

it is what keeps me like this

i run from my wake
to your side

there is shelter in forgiveness

honesty in resonating honesty


old dawns and twilights

sunsets i haven’t seen

still haunt me