everyone around you is greiving

Month: September, 2011

i am galactic and full

a’nerved like a peacock

i shoot from the hip

i strike balance like an enemy

and you know me

i am glacial

and i am not glacial

and i am worried

you don’t see the feathers i have

i scrub the tar from the tar

and i do it hard

i stare at the sunflowers

and they stare back

i rake the lawn from the leaves

i demolish everything

my dark, yr dark

i get lost in the spirit

i love you like i punch glass

like, you haven’t seen me punch shit

like, you haven’t seen my fury

like thunder cats

like cancer

can’t get the watercolor out my veins

remind me

i am not a ghost

i am not a ghost

i am not a ghost

i live on a farm

i don’t live on a farm

you live on a farm

so, good for you

you and your farm

just keep it to yourself


it’s getting old

i got a tattoo of yr face on my arm

it reads:  vacancy

and yea

it flickers