surrounded by art kept in well-lit halls

by blake ellington larson

we scripted our nonchalance with axes and wands

like a black swan orchestra
like an ugly duckling seminar
we amplified it

we let the curse become the course

laughed in tandem to scars we used to hide

drew cactus circles around our sunken eyes

we matched our thirst in spades

and we tried on glasses

and we made messes

and we drank blind to scratched records

and in the morning
my friends and i
made the sun sing opposite

only we sang it desperate

and sexy

we penned our harmonies against night’s inferno

we sang oblongs to pastures that need not

for we sang in private

we sang it loud

and in unison

we leaned in

on the walls of the church we were building

and beamed
with cryptic halogen smiles