the sure grip of your memory

by blake ellington larson

now caramelized on sunsets

sends knobby hands to closed journals

they dare peek those ancient words
now bloodied by time

i remember how those new mornings
drove us through our adolescence

through our doom days

we wore our hatred in spools of razor wire
on wrists as sore as eyelids

like radio hymns and cactusland brushings

we hiked our sisyphus shades
like a spider’s crawl into darker pipes

we visited our euphoria
in making the road trip longer

by visiting the parks
where our love
colored the flags a hue your eyebrows withheld

as i swam your pale-blue-eyed-sad-bird-on-a-stick eulogy
into weavings of screaming nerve endings

and as we swung those swing sets through
tire swing ropes and into the abyss
we waited for love to destroy us

and as everything was in its right and proper place

we danced like pan
and glided from dusk

into thin air