i hid my dream-like suggestions

by blake ellington larson

in dostoyevsky titled postcards

and shuffled like stingrays
my bucketful of inkblots
into tired notebooks the same

i tried to hang myself with
the umbilical cord
that grew out of the
spark from your eyelashes
in the rain
that night i kissed you

i was on top of the eiffel fucking tower
singing a song
in my daydreams
with my magicians cape
and my
red paisley
handkerchief harmonica
when you called

i swam like pan
into that immense and

fading blue

climbed like
spider man
on a mission

stood as sturdy as
fallen trees
bent backwards

i studied like an acorn
how winter changes

i sat in the waterfall
and caught
enough internal heat

to step out of

tattooed shoes
guilt’d eyelids

i tried to broadcast our love
onto buildings
and billboards
at rush hour

i carved your aura
out of silent static
and butterfly wings

and danced like
gatsby’s guests

across night’s

brilliant ballroom