i was trying to record my own version of the big bang

by blake ellington larson

when i got the call

that they took you off life support

i was awash in theories of stardust
writing songs about
the galactic dance
that is this
maze of life

when i heard the details

my words turned
as dry as rain in africa

my song
like a balloon

out of breath
out of water
out of life

the universe evaporated

the black hole
in my gut
slowed everything to a halt

i stared at the moon
and waited for the sun to purify something


in the morning
when i slept
i dreamt we rode elephants
through deserts and deserts
of never-ending-story-nothingness
that we marched backwards
through time
for hundreds of miles
towards water
until we both disappeared


when i woke up
i framed your crooked smile
in the form of a tattoo
on my left arm

a pitch black heart


dividing it

in half