my cloud of sleep is shed in slithers of hot mist

by blake ellington larson

it’s heavy in here

the piano in abrupt whispers
chimes to the tempo of a creaking door

and the room becomes silent
and only one melody lingers longer
than it’s stillness

and it reminds me of you
and your long and dark pose

your jagged absence


a high school sonata
the color of our school bell
keeps ringing in my ears

the memory of wide eyes
of lit candles in well-lit rooms

the falling dust
the air and sun


and you sat shotgun on that motorcycle
while i played a soliloquy on the piano
like we were moving at 180 mph in that garage

i watched you drown in that silence
watched you float literally like liquid
from me to you


here though
the piano plays like someone else
were here to hear it’s song

and while the audience keeps secrets
and something keeps time
and like i keep your ghost

if only for a moment

my heart races