angel’s father fought in the spanish civil war

by blake ellington larson

had a tattoo and drank champagne to celebrate
the death of franco

angel doesn’t drink – doesn’t have tattoos

angel tells me i look like a spaniard

angel shines the brass rails
opens the windows and the gates
sweeps the front patio
opens the elevator for me
in the mornings and at night

we talk about miro and picasso

angel tells me he could have painted
that shit when he was young

tells me the art i’m in search of
is not the art he’s sure of

tells me if you paint a tree
it’s supposed to look like a tre


and barcelona celebrates
the four hundredth anniversary
of cervantes’ don quixote
and of sant jordi

and the streets are filled
with books and roses
and stalks of wheat


amongst iron bats
and underwater architecture
picasso’s famous rendition of quixote
adorns the street corners

and on huge banners everywhere

angel has no idea
it’s tattooed on my right leg
that it’s in my blood
like his